IntelliGet - Main Features

Extract data from Text, PDF, CSV, HTML, XML files

Filter lines and/or columns with specific words or other conditions

Extract Email addresses or URLs from unstructured text

Convert a Report meant for human reading to a CSV

Restructure information from multiple lines to a single line or vice versa

Search-Replace from multiple files in one go and merge output if required

Enterprise strength. Process hundreds of files in a minute.

Command line utility enables easy scheduling and automation

Convert data to industry specific formats: Fixed-Width, Delimited, XML, FIX, SWIFT, ANSI305, etc

Numerous examples to get you going in 2 minutes. 24x7 free support

Download now and see why so many businesses and individuals have chosen IntelliGet

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If you are still not sure or need help in extracting data from your file, just send an email to providing your input file along with a brief description of how you want the output file to be. We will get back to you within a day.